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Are you MENTAL?!


Are you mental???? Well, maybe you should be. Okay, okay maybe not the way you are thinking but, if you want the maximum success of any kind whether it be with health, relationships, money and finances or business you must learn to master the mental or your inner game. What you think about money will determine how much of it you have. For example, if we have a negative thought about money and you want to be a good person then subconsciously you could be sabotaging your success by getting rid of the thing you have negative feelings for.

If you think you can’t trade the markets you never will. If you think you can’t buy and sell real estate you never will. If you have a negative feeling about a specific gender of the opposite sex and want a good relationship you must shift your thinking to a more accepting more positive outlook if you want the relationship to succeed. We must constantly renew our minds because of all the negativity that is thrown at us. In this blog series, I will show you different ways to control your mind and put you on the path to what you want to achieve. Subscribe here and take the first step. I look forward to walking on this journey with you.

Hey! I’m Eric.

I’m a mentor, life coach, public speaker, and I love what I do! I love to help others find their purpose and develop a clear picture of where they want to go in the future. I look forward to working with you and coming up with a roadmap for your success!

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